Should you advertise on 1330WEBY / TalkRadio99.1?  YES!

WEBY brings in a lot of new customers. Dollar for dollar it works better than any other advertising I do.
– Mickey Rij, Santa Rosa Jewelers

Our advertising on WEBY is critically important to us. A lot of our customers come from our ads on WEBY.
– Chuck Santeler, Energy Savers of Florida Heating & Air Conditioning

We’ve been advertising on WEBY every month for several years. And there’s only one reason we keep doing it. It works!
Barry White, Top’s Appliance

Every day we have customers who mention that they heard about us on WEBY.
– Kim Macarthy, Copper Possum Antiques

Many of our customers are a direct result of our WEBY commercials. It has really worked for us.
– Joe Potter, Panther Computers

I track all my sales, and I get a lot of customers from my ads on WEBY.
– Elvis Musselwhite, Mattress Center

I have gotten many jobs from my WEBY ads. It’s worth the money to advertise on WEBY.
-Wayne Montgomery, Montgomery Paint Company

When we advertise on WEBY we get new customers, and our business improves.
– Mike Ryan, Mike Ryan’s Truck & Auto Accessories

People come in all the time telling us they heard about us on WEBY.
– Jay Woodbury, Jay’s Guns & Accessories

WEBY works for us!
– Carl Broussard, Cajun Specialty Meats

I know our radio ads work because we have a lot of new customers who tell us they hear us on WEBY. I wish we would have started our radio ads sooner.”
– Katherine Folzman, The Purple Tulip Florist

I get new customers from WEBY. I know it works.
– Chad Bryson, Richard Bryson Jewelers

If you want 1330WEBY / TalkRadio99.1 to work for you, call Sales Manager Mike Bates at (850) 262-6140, or Email: MikeBates@1330weby.com