Program Guide

5-6am Bloomberg Money Hour
6-9am WEBY Morning Show
9-11am Hugh Hewitt
11am-2pm Dennis Prager
2-4pm Clark Howard
4-6pm Your Turn
6-9pm Lars Larson
9pm-12m Larry Elder
12m-1am The Real Side
1-3am Our American Stories
3-5am Doug Stephan’s On Air with Doug, Jen & Victoria


6-7am American Sportsman Radio
7-8am Stephan’s Good Day Health
8-9am Florida Sportsman Magazine
9-10am Retirement Planners
10-11am Today’s Homeowner
11am-1pm Cigar Dave Show
1-3pm Science Fantastic
3-4pm Scuba Radio
4-5pm Ask the Preacher/Business Rockstars
5-6pm Battle Line with Alan Nathan
6-7pm Steve Brown
7-9pm Today’s Homeowner
9-10pm Made in America
10pm-12m When Radio Was
12m-1am The Real Side with Joe Messina
1-3am Our American Stories
3-5am Stephan’s Talk Radio Countdown
5-6am Watchdog on Wallstreet


6am-1pm Sunday in the South
Music and the Spoken Word
Christian Music Connections
Call to Worship
Ask the Preacher
Bible Baptist Church
The Lutheran Hour
Born to Win
Pace Assembly of God
Turning Point with David Jeremiah
Christian Music Connections
Words to Live By
Bill Gaither’s Homecoming Radio
1-4pm Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk
4-5pm Kris Anne Hall
5-6pm Veterans Chronicles
6-7pm The National Defense
7-10pm Armed American Radio
10pm-12m Frontlines of Freedom
12m-1am American Family Farmer
1-2am Tee It Up
2-4am Stephan’s Talk Radio Countdown
4-6am The Drive