Program Guide

5-6am Hugh Hewitt
6-9am Pensacola Morning News
9-11am Hugh Hewitt
11am-2pm Dennis Prager
2-4pm Clark Howard
4-6pm Your Turn
6-9pm Lars Larson
9pm-12m Larry Elder
12m-1am The Real Side
1-3am Our American Stories
3-5am Doug Stephan’s On Air with Doug, Jen & Victoria


6-7am Drawn to Wildlife
7-8am American Sportsman Radio
8-9am Drawn to Wildlife
9-10am Retirement Planners
10-11am Popular Technology
11am-1pm Cigar Dave Show
1-4pm Best of Lars Larson
4-5pm Ask the Preacher/Weekend Townhall
5-8pm Eric Metaxas
8-9pm Steve Brown
9pm-12m Best of Larry Elder


6am-10am Sunday in the South  Ask the Preacher Bible Baptist Church The Lutheran Hour  Turning Point with David Jeremiah Bill Gaither’s Homecoming Radio Christian Outlook
10am-12n Our American Stories
12n-1pm Weekend Townhall
1-4pm Gun Talk with Tom Grisham
4-6pm Frontlines of Freedom
6-7pm Veterans Chronicles
7-8pm Hope for the Caregiver
8-10pm America’s Healthcare Advocate
10pm-12m Dr. Bob Martin