Our Turn – Military Salute



All gave some. Some gave all.

  Now it’s Our Turn to salute those who’ve served in our Armed Forces. May is Military Appreciation Month and at TalkRadio 1330 WEBY ▪ FM99.1 we want to recognize our active military members, and our Veterans, including those who are retired and deceased. From May 18 through May 31, we will be mentioning service members on the air, throughout the day.  And we will be listing their names here, along with photos. Just fill out the information below and submit. Thank you for participating! Attaching a photo with your submission will be considered permission to display here.  You’re name will not be made public by entering a service member. [contact-form-7 id=”21247″ title=”Our Turn”]  


We may not know them all but we owe them all.  Now it’s Our Turn to thank them all.


 DaleMarie Mckee

A1C, Airmen First Class United States Air Force, veteran.

I salute my sweetheart chapel manager of the mid 70s. She had to manage me and raise our USCG vet Marc. In addition, she saw hundreds go thru Chapel8 Lackland AFB Tx. Through 1977. I love her more today than ever!



Michelle Caldwell

E4 in the United States Navy, veteran.
Michelle was originally stationed in Pensacola in April of 1986. She continued to serve in Pensacola with Beech Aerospace, DynCorp & Raytheon at both NAS & Whiting as a Certified Avionics Electronic Techian.
She has dedicated the last 10 rs of her life to developing programming and addressing the needs of returning soldiers.
She established the first ever Veterans subcommittee with ECOH to address homeless Veterans. Michelle was also recognized by Evan Williams company as one of the top 10 finalists out of over 4000 veterans in this country that are making a difference.

Michelle’s organization established Veteran Centered Care and an Integrated Approach for community resources for Veterans. She continues to work to access the gaps in services to veterans. Michelle continues to lead the charge in Establishing a Monument to honor 25% of the Military which is now Women & the 2.3 Million Women who have been serving in combat since 1948.
Through her latest stride for change to honor & recognize women she is now working with the City of Pensacola to utilize the Amtrak train station as Museum to Women in the Military: Past, Present & Future.



Christopher Hively

Master Sergeant United States Air force, Retired.
He served 23 years. He survived bombing of Colbert Tower. He has served in stations around the world. He has been faithful loving husband to my daughter and father to my grandchildren. He made a proud to have him as my son-in-law.



Joseph J. Wurzer

WWI Veteran of Flanders Field area.

As a five -year-old, my grandfather and I would sit on the cellar steps. We would look at viewgraph slides of the war-to-end-all-wars. He would discuss the horrors of war in detail. Living in wet cold trenches/Mustard gas/machine-gun…




Dennis Groenenboom

Tech Sergeant in United States Air Force, Retired

My father served in the Air Force for 22 years, which included duty in Vietnam. My father is still enjoying retirement. Thank you and all of the veterans for what you have given of yourselves.




 Jesse Hutchens

2nd lieutenant  United States Army, deceased.
My father fought in WW2 in Germany.





Luther F. Golden

Private in the United States Army, deceased.
Luther F. Golden died in World War II. My father was wounded and died in Belgium Jan. 24, 1945. I appreciate what he and thousands upon thousands of others have done in defense of this nation.




Willie Henry Evans

Sergeant First Class in the United States Army, deceased.
This picture is of my Father when he served as a MP in Japan at the end of WWII.
It was a segregated Army then but read the 710 Man’s Creed in the picture…
Serving with Honor and Respect for all.
I wish I knew more about the 710 Man’s Creed but this is all I have.
My father retired after 20 years of service from Ft. Ord California.
I’m an Army brat and proud of it!!





Anthony Rivas

Sergeant in United States Marine Corps, Retired
My son-in-law Anthony Rivas, served for 13 years in the United States Marine Corp. He was deployed 7 times to support Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. After several close calls, a bullet hole and many invisible wounds of war, he returned to civilian life. We are all very proud of his commitment and that he is now part of our family. Albeit a civilian, Anthony still brings that Marine Corp discipline to all of us. But, as his father-in-law and Commanding Officer of the Family, I order him call me “General”!





Merle E Lucier

United States Army, Deceased
My wonderful courageous handsome dad served in the merchant marines and US Army. He proudly served in Korean War, WWII
He has Purple Heart (2) with oak leaf cluster bronze large
World War II victory medal
Army of occupation medal Japan clasp
National defense service medal
Korean service medal with bronze star (double)
United Nations service medal
Sharpshooter!! He was MP driver and mechanic and the bestest dad ever!!!! Served our great USA for 22 years!! He wanted to serve more but his injuries forced his retirement. 

We Love and miss you dad
Anna Toni many more














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