Hurricane Michael Relief

On Friday October 12, WEAR-TV and radio stations CatCountry98.7 and NewsRadio1620 ▪ FM92.3 raised more than $87,000 for victims of Hurricane Michael during WEAR’s ‘Operation Help Our Neighbor’ fundraising event at Cordova Mall.

Relief efforts throughout NW Florida, the state and the nation continue.  The on-going debris removal, removal and displacement of victims who lost their homes and businesses will require tens, even hundreds of million dollars for at least the next several months or longer.

How Can You Help?

Although some organizations are collecting donations of goods and supplies, the American Red Cross and other lead agencies say the most immediate need is money.

Here are some of the groups that have been vetted and approved for donations:

Donations or Volunteer Opportunities

Florida Disaster Fund

Volunteer Florida

Salvation Army

American Red Cross

United Way of Florida

The Humane Society of the United States Animal Relief Fund

Hope Animal Assisted Crisis Response

Habitat for Humanity

Christian Disaster Response


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