Larry Elder


Larry Elder is known as the Sage from South Central, unafraid to take on liberals and the Black Lives Matter movement using common sense.

Broadcasting from Los Angeles on KABC, his philosophy is to entertain, inform, provoke and to “hopefully uplift”.  His calling card is “we have a country to save,” and to him this means returning to the bedrock Constitutional principles of limited government and maximum personal responsibility.

Larry graduated from Michigan University Law School and later practiced law until he was ‘discovered’ by conservative talk host Dennis Prager.  He has written four New York Times best-selling books, and his national TV show, Moral Court, was syndicated across the country. He won an Emmy award for Best News Special in 1999, and 2015 was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

One Comment on “Larry Elder

  1. Howdy Larry:
    Last night while I was jogging I picked up part of your comment related to Dick Dale. Unfortunately the reception was bad so I could not hear everything you said.

    Lana Dale (Dick’s wife) and I were with Dick when he passed away and people out of the loop have made a lot of inaccurate comments in the press.

    Because Dick was not living high on the hog in Malibu, but a delaputated house in 29 Palms, we had no recourse but to set up a go fund me account to help Pay for Dick’s burial and medical expenses. It’s called the “Dick Dale funeral – medical expense fund.” Any help on your radio show that you can give us would be deeply appreciated.

    If you would like to interview Lana, please let me know.

    I can be contacted at (714) 448-9325.

    Thank you.

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