Embattled Virginia Democrats should NOT resign

As much fun as it is watching the Democrats suffer under the stupid rules of retroactive outrage and punishment that they themselves created, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam should NOT resign over his yearbook photos.

I fully understand what blackface was during the minstrel shows. It was mockery of black people by white actors. But there is no similarity to darkening one’s face at Halloween parties or to perform as Michael Jackson at a dance contest. Those who claim it is are engaging in phony outrage for political purposes.

Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax has now been accused of a second sexual assault (one at the Democratic Convention in 2004 and another at Duke University in 2000). He should also not resign, nor should he be impeached for it. I favor a mandatory death penalty for forcible rape. But accusations from more than a decade ago must not be used today for political purposes. It was an outrage when such claims were made against Brett Kavanaugh, and it is an outrage when they are made against Justin Fairfax.

If Fairfax really raped the women who have made the accusations, and they proved it at the time, I would have favored his execution as punishment for the crimes. But it is too late now to complain. We have statutes of limitations for reasons that should also extend beyond the courtroom.

By his own admission, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring said he darkened his face as a 19 year-old in 1980 when he attended a college party dressed as a rapper. Despite what the race-agitators say, wearing a “black face” is not the same as wearing “blackface.” The purpose of the black face was not mockery. It was imitation. And it is no reason for him to resign nor for people to call for his resignation.

While it would be absurd for these three top-ranking Virginia Democrats to resign or be removed from office because of these old accusations, I must admit that it would be hysterically funny if the Republican Speaker of the House of Delegates, Kirk Cox, ascended to the governor’s office through a triple resignation. It would be ironic blowback against the Democratic Party that has weaponized race and ruined reputations through unsubstantiated ancient allegations.

But truth is truth is truth, and justice is justice is justice. So it would be unjust for any of the three Democrats to resign.

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