Andrew McKay

Andrew McKay 6-9AM Pensacola Morning News

Andrew McKay has been hosting the Pensacola Morning News for the past 5 years on NewsRadio92.3 AM1620. It is now simulcast on 1330 WEBY TalkRadio99.1. Andrew came to Pensacola by way of Phoenix Arizona where he hosted an afternoon conservative talk show. From there he became an Executive Producer for the national Talk Radio Network, primarily producing Laura Ingram’s national radio show.

On the Pensacola Morning News, he focuses on the interests and events of Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties—reporting important local events and policy decisions that affect Northwest Florida residents. During the week, he attends countless news events, and attends or watches virtually every scheduled local government meeting—then interprets the facts with his

own conservative viewpoint. He has contributed the station winning two Edward R. Murrow

awards for radio journalism excellence and led the Pensacola Morning News to be voted

InWeekly’s Best of the Coast “Best Morning Radio Show” three years in a row.

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